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Who We Work With

Businesses Who Are Ready To Extend Their Brand.


Businesses who are ready to extend their
brand likeness to YouTube.

Serious Full-Time Creators.

Full-Time Creators

Serious full-time creators who are are ready for
a team that can handle it all from A-Z.

Brands That Are In Need Of High-End Commercial Productions.


Brands that are in need of high-end commercial productions, design and editing.

knowledge and experience!

Our Services

YouTube Coaching & Consulting

New to YouTube or already established and need a new spin? This plan is for you! Learn YouTube Studio Analytics, Advanced YouTube SEO, how to improve watch time and more!

The YouTuber

This is for YouTubers or Brands looking to get on YouTube. The entire service is White Glove from A-Z. From Content Planning to Video Editing, Thumbnails, Negotiations, and more!

YouTuber Pro

This is for the team that wants to go pro on YouTube. Our team will fly to you to batch record all of your monthly videos in 4k. This is the ultimate package for serious businesses.

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Meet a Few Of Our Happy Clients

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Meet The Creators

Jason Hanson.

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer turned renowned security expert, author, and YouTube personality. With a background in intelligence operations, he brings a unique perspective to the realm of personal safety and self-defense. Jason's extensive knowledge in espionage and covert operations has been instrumental in providing practical advice to individuals seeking to protect themselves and their loved ones.

As the founder of Spy Escape & Evasion, Jason has dedicated his career to educating the public on essential skills for staying safe in an unpredictable world. He is a best-selling author, having penned books on various aspects of personal security. Through his engaging online content and dynamic presentations, Jason empowers people with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the challenges of the modern world.

With a growing community of followers, Jason continues to be a trusted source for practical, actionable advice on self-defense, survival, and protection. His unique blend of expertise, experience, and relatability has solidified his position as a leading figure in the field of personal security.





Annie from KetoFocus strives to find meals that your whole family can enjoy while you are on your keto quest! Annie has seven years of experience in creating keto recipes. She tests all of her keto recipes on her picky kids and constructively critical husband, so you know you are getting a winning keto dish when you make one of her recipes!

1M Total Followers

Chris Sajnog.

Chris Sajnog

Chris Sajnog dedicated his life to training the world's most elite warriors, serving with honor as a US Navy SEAL. Following a demanding deployment, he returned home to a profound realization - his two boys needed him more than the SEAL Teams. With two decades of devoted service to his country, Chris made the transition into a new chapter of life, embracing the responsibilities of fatherhood.

Drawing from his extensive experience as a Master Training Specialist and his significant contribution to writing the US Navy SEAL Sniper Manual, Chris authored two acclaimed books, 'How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL' and 'Navy SEAL Shooting', which are founded on the cutting-edge New Rules of Marksmanship.

He generously shares valuable firearms training-related content, including informative videos and recommended products, all aimed at assisting you in mastering the art of shooting with speed and ease, and ultimately, living with the spirit of a warrior.



simple pricing plans!

Pricing for Every Creator

YouTube Coaching and Consulting

New to YouTube or need a new spin.

$1,800 /monthly

What’s included:
  • 2 - 60 Minute Coachings/ mo
  • YouTube Studio Analytics
  • Keep up with the Trends
  • Learn Advanced YouTube SEO
  • Learn to improve Watch Time
  • Thumbnail Coaching
  • No Contract
Purchase Plan

The Youtuber

Full service YouTube management for serious creators and brands.

$3,800 /monthly

What’s included:
  • 12 Videos, Thumbnails & Shorts/mo
  • Brand Deal Negotiations
  • Automated Video Posting
  • Comment Moderation
  • Channel Setup & Design
  • Private Dashboard Access
  • No Contract
Purchase Plan

The Youtuber Pro

Skip the learning process and come out of the gates looking like a pro.

$7,500 /monthly

What’s included:
  • Everything in “THE YOUTUBER” plan
  • Cinematic 4k B-Roll Filming
  • Look Like a Top YouTuber
  • Studio Design and Setup
  • Unlimited Backup Storage
  • PR Placements and Collaborations
  • 24/7 Channel Manager Access
Purchase Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your turnaround times like?

Our strategy begins by banking a months worth of videos. IE we will create 12 full length videos, and 12 shorts prior to ever posting a video on your channel. Given that consistent posting is critical to the success of your channel, we want to ensure that you don't miss a posting day. That said, we always deliver on time and will always have a video prepared to post.

What type of videos are included in your service?

YouTube videos are typically 5-12 minutes in length. The length of each video is determined by the phase that you are in. You receive 12 full length videos + 12 shorts each month with your package.

How are you different from other management services?

Whereas most channel management companies only focus on brand deals, we focus on providing businesses with the tools to have a successful YouTube Channel. We video edit, we design the channels, we do SEO, we do brand deals, and much more. Our mission is to provide businesses with the digital tools for them to leverage their message in the best way possible.

What is the posting schedule?

The posting schedule will eventually be determined by when your audience is on YouTube. However, you can expect the following calendar: Full Length Video - Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Short - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Community Post - Every day.

Is there a contract?

No! Although we do not believe in locking our clients into contracts, we do ask that you don't commit for anything less than a year. YouTube is a long road with success only coming to those who are willing to put in the work consistently. If you don't have the attention span, or capital to last at least a year, we don't recommend that you sign up with us.

How does the YouTube Channel Management Work?

Think about it this way. Most YouTube Management Companies ONLY do brand deals and negotiations. Socially Elite Pro however is a white-glove, full service agency. We treat your channel as it were our own. We make your channel highly searchable via strong design, production, and SEO. We manage your brand deals. We setup your studio/Filming location. We give you content ideas. And much more!